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Description:WoodKa products are 100% natural and original, made of wood, naturally shed from the trees of Indian forests. The fallen thick tree sheaths, belonging to the Catechu Family, are turned into elegant and stylish disposable cutlery products like plates, bowls and other wooden items. Aiming at enhancing consumer’s lifestyle whilst staying socially and ecologically responsible, Woodka is Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and Compostable as it naturally degrades within 60 days. Ideal for Hot, Wet and Cold Food Items Supports ‘Waste to Wealth’ Concept. OUR PROMISE - You will receive beautiful palm leaf plates through a rapid shipment. They are extra stable, heat-resistant and liquid-tight. They are also untreated and produced fairly. NOBLE & HIGH-QUALITY - The fine lines of the carefully selected palm leaf look noble and make the disposable bowls grippy and stable. They are well suited for fatty and liquid foods. FAIR & SUSTAINABLE - The disposable plates are made of dried palm leaves that fall naturally to the ground and are then collected. The production is fair and supports small family businesses.
Meta Keywords:Disposable plates eco friendly, sustainable tableware, use and throw dinner plates, biodegradable disposable plates
Meta Description:Rich Texture with Authentic and Vintage Design Supreme Quality Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and Compostable: Naturally degrades within 60 days
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